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General Sherman has removed 1440 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere over its lifetime (www.dewharvest.com). This calculation does not include roots or branches so is conservative. Trees planted in the UK in the 1800s are now 3.5m wide at the base. General Sherman is 11.1m wide at the base. UK trees are 1.752 * 3.14 = 9.61 in trunk area at the base. General Sherman has a diameter of 11.1m2 so area of base is 5.552 * 3.14 = 96.7m2

Your Giant Sequoia tree can be expected to remove 1440/10 = 144 tons of CO2 over the same period of 150 years. This gives an expected carbon removal of about 1 ton per year per tree. One tree will remove all the carbon you produce, as these wonderful trees live for 3000 years.

Depending on where and how you live, such a tree may sequester more or less carbon than you are responsible for. On latest available data for 2018, an average American is responsible for 16.1 tons of release per year: A German 9.1 tons and a Brit, 5.6 tons and a Qatari, 38.1. (Wikipedia)

There are many websites which can help you to calculate your individual carbon footprint. A single Sequoia will eliminate your lifetime CO2 if you live in the EU and don’t have unusually high consumption but it will take 5.6 * 70 (average worldwide life expectancy) = 392 years. If you want to stop CO2 increasing during your lifetime because of your consumption, you will likely need several trees working together.

If you are an expert in this field and can improve on our calculations, please send us a note feedback.


All trees are native to earth, and very few plants remain in the same place over history. Plant dispersion has been happening over many thousands of years. Our first project is expected to open near the already protected reserve land near Plovdiv. We are searching for a location which is exactly right. You still see bees and beetles here and Bear Grylls got a fine for not respecting wildlife. Giant Sequoia were growing across Europe pre-ice age and there are many growing in the UK, Bulgaria and some other parts of Europe currently. We are also considering planting some other large species which are more adapted to tropical weather, such as Shorea. Shorea are currently critically endangered due to deforestation but may grow better than Giant Sequoia over the lifetime of the trees as climate is likely going to be significantly warmer and wetter as the tree matures. The last time we had this level of carbon dioxide, there were trees on the poles, and the tropical zones extended much further north. The climate I had as a kid in the south of Scotland is now ‘native’ to the Orkney Islands, and the speed of movement north is increasing exponentially. We are hoping that our trees survive well, but a variety of trees will ensure that the forest succeeds beyond our lifetimes. With the understanding that nature moves and adapts all the time, and that plants need to move also, it may be worth looking at the language we use about natural processes. There are now active projects in the US to help trees migrate faster by planting in new climate zones. Trees need to move, but some are struggling now (Beobab for example) as unlike birds or some mammals, they are not always able to move quickly enough.

Donating to our project re-wilds our planet, helping to preserve a home for both for plants and animals, and ultimately, ourselves.


Choose one option to plant your Sequoia at our protected woodland with professional forestry experts monitoring and maintaining the young trees.

Plant your sequoia

If you like this project and want to support it, please consider planting your sequoia


We will give you an engraved stone with exact GPS coordinates and What3Words location data for your tree. You can also watch the site grow on Google maps. We are an overnight train away from Germany, and two overnights from the UK. If you want to visit, or even plant your tree, Plovdiv is a great place to visit. There are cobble streets, vegan bakeries, live band bars in pedestrian areas, well preserved Roman ruins and restaurants with home made food. Cats and dogs are neutered but allowed to live freely among the population, so always carry a large can of tuna if you come by (as soon as you crack the tin lid, your cat will become two).


Land purchase cost is our greatest expense, but to ensure that the land is protected forever, to prevent logging, or urban encroachment we need to pay lawyers and notaries to transfer the land, and to pay any property taxes. In addition, once we have paid for planting, we have to pay tree and wildlife experts to keep the trees safe and healthy while they are small. These staff will install protective fencing where necessary and ensure that the soil is suitable for each tree by maintaining drainage or watering as needed until the trees are large enough to look after themselves. Bulgaria is generally less expensive both for land and labour than western Europe, so we can be competitive as a cost per tonne of CO2 reduction.


We are looking for the perfect site, but probably the first forest will be planted near Karlovo, north of Plovdiv, in Bulgaria. It is close enough to the city for people to be able to visit (an hour on a wonderfully slow train) but not so close that there will be significant commercial pressure for land. We chose this area, as we like it and know it well, but if we receive a proposal for land which is better, we will adjust accordingly. Weather is relatively mild most of the year, normally without violent storms or even strong winds and rain is consistent year round. Planting will take place 6-12 months from purchase. Mainly dependent on weather conditions, as its not good to plant if it’s too hot or too cold, and also on finding the right land.


We cannot issue refunds, as trees will be ordered or planted. If a subscription is canceled, the amount received will be combined with other incomplete subscriptions and used to purchase another tree. We do not provide an engraving with location if this occurs, but we we would be happy to let you know which forest you contributed to.


The land will eventually be passed to a charity which will protect the trees, and allow access for donors. You will have the exact coordinates of your tree on an engraved stone from us so you will always be able to visit your tree.


Companies wishing to become carbon neutral can calculate the required number of Sequoias to offset their energy use, and order accordingly. We will provide a stone engraved with the company name or other certificate format upon request.