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1 The most inexpensive method of offsetting your carbon footprint.

2 Easy as clicking a mouse. We provide the legally protected land, the tree, and manage the planting (you are welcome to visit and plant it yourself if you wish).

3 Provide habitat for numerous species from birds, to bugs, to bats and other small mammals (we would like to bring back the elephants, hippos and big cats which used to roam across Europe but its early days).

When you stand next to a Giant Sequoia, you cannot see the top. The largest trees are as tall as a thirty storey building. Its a great feeling to sit against or to put your hands on such a fantastic tree. A forest of Giant Sequoias can sequester ten times as much carbon as a forest of trees of other species.

The percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing each year and we are already seeing numerous changes in the world around us. We need millions of people to decide if they want to live within nature or to continue along their current path. However, perhaps consider that the changes you notice may be a change from what you see now as an adult, compared to what you remember as a youth. Maybe a housing estate in what used to be a meadow, or a winter with only one day of snow, or a summer which is now uncomfortable or maybe you can no longer find your favorite tree. We all have our own baseline depending on whether we pay attention, where we live and how old we are. However, consider that the changes you notice have been compounding generation after generation, each time more rapidly.

In all of human history, we have never had the decline of nature at the current rate. We are enduring unrelenting and massive burning of fossil fuel, and destruction of nature, and we have to decide among ourselves as a species, whether we want to continue, or to begin to provide solutions and start making changes as individuals. Depending on who you are, it might mean you fix your bike and sell your car, or it can mean that the company you own will become carbon neutral, or that the school you run will review its suppliers and its lunch menu. Because of the dependencies between plants, animals and people, a small reduction in nature, leads to a larger reduction in the functioning of the whole ecosystem. We are currently living in a natural world which is a fraction of its former self. 90% of plants and animals, bugs and sea life are missing. This is a 10% world. Some of these plants and animals will never return, but you can make a difference and start to reverse this process.

Land cost is a limiting factor for widespread forest re-wilding and these large trees are the most land efficient way to capture carbon. We are also planting herbs, fruit trees, flowers and other plants between the Sequoia trees to ensure a noisy forest with happy and vibrant animal life. Woodlands also provide a rest stop for migrating birds and insects.

Donating to our project re-wilds our planet, helping to preserve a home for both for plants and animals, and ultimately, ourselves.


Choose one option to plant your Sequoia at our protected woodland with professional forestry experts monitoring and maintaining the young trees.

7 Euro per month - 52 months

30 Euro per month - 12 months

359 Euro for One Time Payment


We have a steady flow of sick or severely injured cats which we find in town and take to surgery or give care. You would also be providing a safe, quiet place, with no traffic, to allow them to recover. They cannot be returned to where we found them due to safety, such as traffic, food shortages or other dangers. We are able to monitor their recovery over what is often several months if we have a safe area for them to live. You can see our work as threecatsjourney on Instagram.