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OUR MISSION is to buy land and create dense re-wilded forest with sequoia trees and a variety of other plants to provide food and accommodation for animal life. We plant saplings for each of our Sequoia Angels (this could be you). We then protect them from wildlife, and eventually donate the land to a charity which shares our values. We put 100% of profits into re-wilding. Some areas will provide a space for allowing injured or sick cats to recover in a safe environment among the plants.

WHAT WE DO is provide a mechanism for people to become part of the solution rather than the problem. While it is valid to look at how you live, what goods and services you consume and from whom; planting huge trees will reverse your emissions completely and is a great start.

WE ARE a husband and wife team, with one enthusiastic volunteer who provides advice. We hire technical help and laborers as needed.

Plant your sequoia

If you like this project and want to support it, please consider planting your sequoia